FAQs About Our Steel Buildings and Services

Delivery times vary depending on your area, although it is generally 6-8 weeks from the time your order is received. To inquire about specific delivery times in your area, feel free to contact our office and speak with your state's customer service representative.

Our building measurements are Width x Length x Height., for example: An 18’ x 20’ x 6’ building’s base frame size is 18’ x 20’ x 6’.  Please note that the foot print on the ground is literal but the overhang is approximately 6 inches around the structure

You should pour your cement or gravel exact to width of the dimensions of your building.  Ask your sales rep if yo have any questions and if yo are hiring a concrete contractor encourage them to contact us with any questions. 

To insure proper installation, yes.

In most cases, yes.

  • There will be a service charge of $200 or more on all return trips.
  • We will add to CCI buildings only.

We have three different types of anchors. They are:

  • For ground/asphalt installation, 32” rebar anchors.
  • For ground/asphalt installations that are certified, double helix mobile home anchors are used.

Those anchors can be used on non-certified ground installations at an additional charge.

  • Wedge anchors for concrete installations.

That's easy, galvanized steel is far more resistant to corrosion that traditional red iron.  Red iron is literally steel that has been painted with a rust resistant paint in order to reduce corrosion. Galvanizing gives the steel a much more robust layer of protection to defend against rust and oxidation.  We use a 3 parts outside and one part inside galvanizing process and because of the level of protection give a full 20 year warranty against rust through on all of our frames both 12 and 14 gauge.

Because the engineers told us to.  We hear all the time that someone has been told to avoid square tube because it is not as strong as an I beam.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I beam construction requires much larger and much heavier pieces that are harder to transport and harder to install to achieve the exact same wind and snow loads.  Our engineering loads can be adjusted to meet 90,130,140,150 and even ridiculous 180mph wind loads as well as live and snow loads ranging from 20-65 pounds depending on your local code or preference.  These meet or exceed the industry standards and often far exceed our competitors, but we didn't do it through more material.  We did through more thorough engineering.

Everything is made from ether 14 or 12 gauge square tube.  The 14 gauge tube is made of 34,000psi tensile strength steel and measures 2 1/2 inches square.  The 12 gauge tube measures a slightly smaller 2 1/4 inches and an incredible 54,000psi tensile strength.  That is higher than is required in most sky scrapers. Because of the high tensile strength (most competitors use 12-22k psi tube and many of them heat it before they roll it sapping its strength even further) a stick of our tube is far stronger than typical wooden construction.  All tubes are cold rolled.  This means when our mandrel bends the sheet to make the tube and none of the strength is lost in the process.  We also start with a sheet that is galvanized 3 parts on the outside and 1 part on the inside to ensure maximum resistance to corrosion.

We use standard 29 and 26 gauge sheet with a 20 year baked on enamel available in a total of 16 colors.  Most of the primary colors are listed in color options on the main page. We also offer to additional reds and a Galvalume/silver.

You tell us.  We can build up to 60' clear span trusses, up to 20' side walls and as long as you need us to. We can also custom make your trusses and adjust the framing on center to what ever size is required for your project.  We can also cross wall and sheet interior walls. 

As you price out your building, you will notice an option that says "Your State". This option changes the price of your building based on your location and the specific live and wind load requirements for your state. The regions are as follows:

Central States: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

Florida: Florida

Northern States: Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.